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Greta Set™

Greta Set™

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Greta Set™: Modern and Versatile

The Greta Set™ is a contemporary expression of style and versatility. Comprising a midi skirt and a short black halter-neck top, this ensemble offers a bold and fresh approach to women's attire.

Modern Style

The black halter-neck top adds a touch of modern elegance, accentuating your shoulders and highlighting your figure. The straight, asymmetric midi skirt in military green adds an element of sophistication and style, striking a perfect balance between boldness and refinement.

Versatility at All Times

This set is ideal for various occasions. From a casual summer outing to a night out in the city, the Greta Set™ adapts to any situation with its versatile and contemporary style. Additionally, you can mix and match the pieces separately to create unique looks and tailor them to your personal style.

Boldness and Elegance

With its combination of bold colors and modern cuts, the Greta Set™ allows you to confidently stand out wherever you go. Its unique and daring design will help you make a statement while staying true to your unique style.

Matching Sets

The harmony between the midi skirt and the short top creates a cohesive and elegant appearance. The combination of these two matching pieces gives you the freedom to wear a complete outfit effortlessly, ensuring impeccable style at all times.

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